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Join CM Dems & friends for our annual holiday party on November 20, 2021! We’re excited to host a lively outdoor evening at Dick Church’s in Costa Mesa with music, drinks, food, & vaccinated neighbors. Get your ticket here:




We are the City of Costa Mesa’s chartered nonprofit Democratic Club and political action committee of the Democratic Party of Orange County working to organize and elect Democrats at every level of government. We meet regularly to stay connected and informed about the latest in local politics and key issues affecting our community, and we send out regular newsletter updates. Our all-volunteer board invites you to join us and get involved, so that together, we can shape grassroots civic organizing and democratic campaigns in Costa Mesa.

Amplify your voice in the political process and join CM Dems as an official club member to support our local organizing efforts. We invite you to attend our monthly events and stay connected with newsletter updates. Members vote on club business and decide CMDC’s endorsements.

Elected & Appointed 2021-2022 Board Members
Chair: Cassius RutherfordVice Chair: Raegan Payne
Secretary: Boris GreselyTreasurer: Flo Martin
Political Director: Adam Ereth, 
Parliamentarian: Cynthia Blackwell
Voter Contact Chairs: CL Miller & Joni Nichols 

Membership Chair: Avery Counts, Communications Chair: Leigh Martin
At-Large Board Members: Natasha Calilung & Tom Arnold
Legal Counsel: Jon LandisCity Liaison: Councilmember Manuel Chavez
Chair Emeritus: Maxine Maly