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Board Members elected in January, 2020:
Chair — Cassius Rutherford
Vice Chair — Maxine Maly
Secretary — Edwin Garcia
Treasurer — Flo Martin
Parliamentarian — Cynthia Blackwell
Voter Contact Director — CL Miller 
Political Directors — Russell Baldwin & Samuel Helm
Membership Chair — Joni Nichols
Legal Counsel — Jon Landis
Communications Director — Kalvin Alvarez
City Council Liaison — Councilmember Manuel Chavez
At-Large Board Members — Tom Arnold & Michael Hogan

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FRIDAY, AUGUST 30, 2019 – Costa Mesa Democratic Club Announces State Senate District 37 Straw Poll Results from August Democratic Candidates Forum.

A huge thanks to all who attended our August club event – it was a full house! We appreciate the time of our guest speakers and all of our members who joined us. Check out some of the photos below from renown local photographer Matt Fitt. ↓

After hearing from staff with Congressman Harley Rouda and Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris, as well as CNAAP founding member Sue Dvorak, our club event included a short candidates forum with Mayor Katrina Foley and Dave Min, UCI Prof.
Mayor Foley and Mr. Min are the two candidates running in the Democratic primary to defeat Trump-Republican John Moorlach in State Senate District 37. The candidates were given an opening statement followed by four questions focused on issues related to housing affordability, women’s access to healthcare, and LGBTQ+ equality.


The full list of questions we asked to the Democratic candidates for SD 37 is included below:

1) How would you work as a State Senator to address the housing affordability and access crisis in Orange County at the State level? What specific programs would you support or endorse regarding housing affordability for low-income individuals and to ensure that there is sufficient housing for families and individuals in our community?

2) What policies and initiatives would you as a State Senator propose and support to ensure that the medical and mental health needs of the LGBTQ community are protected and supported, including funding and access for gender confirmation surgery, hormone therapy, and health care and mental health care for transgender and non-binary individuals?

3) With Title X limited and legal threats to reproductive freedom and abortion rights from the current administration and in a number of states, how would you work as a State Senator to ensure that confidential and affordable reproductive care would be available to all California residents, including for low-income individuals and younger individuals?

4) What programs and policies would you support as a State Senator regarding access to mental health care and treatment for young people and those in school? Would you support allowing students undergoing mental health treatment to take personal days without penalty and/or ensuring that schools have adequate mental health resources and personnel on staff?

At the end of our candidates forum, we collected straw poll ballots from eligible voting members of the Costa Mesa Democratic Club. The results are shown in the image of the straw poll tally. 

DISCLAIMER: This is not a scientific poll and does not represent the views of all voters in Costa Mesa or even the views of all registered Democrats in Costa Mesa. This unbinding straw poll represents only the views of present and eligible Costa Mesa Democratic Club voting members in good standing at our August 28, 2019, Democratic candidates forum. A total of 41 members in good standing participated in this straw poll. A member in good standing is any registered Democrat who has paid $10 membership dues for our current fiscal year beginning on June 1, 2019, and who has attended just one previous club event.


WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2019 — The Costa Mesa Democratic Club announced that for the first time in Costa Mesa’s 60-year history, Democrats now have more registered voters than any other party affiliation, ending the historical Republican advantage in our city. The shift in voter registrations reflects the midterm election, which saw Costa Mesa voters break for the Democratic candidates in large margins. Costa Mesa played a major role in electing Representative Harley Rouda in Congressional District 48 and Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris in Assembly District 74 by 5.4%.

The registration advantage also follows the electoral strides of Costa Mesa’s successful Mayor and City Council Members, who similarly built broad margins of victory in each district up for election last year. Mayor Katrina Foley, a Democrat who endorsed Rouda and Petrie-Norris, won by 19% to unseat the incumbent mayor even with Costa Mesa’s Republican registration advantage in 2018. 

“We are excited to see the results of strong Democratic leadership and messaging in Costa Mesa, where voters rejected political fear mongering and dark-money attack ads in favor of candidates who spoke directly to the communities they represent,” said Brandon Love, Costa Mesa Democratic Club Chair for 2018-2019. “The Costa Mesa Democratic club welcomes people from all backgrounds who are also seeking to revitalize and strengthen our democracy. We are excited to have a city council and elected representatives who are accessible and transparent.”

“With so many passionate grassroots volunteers engaged and our local Democratic club actively involved in registering new voters, the new Democratic edge in our community was only a matter of time,” added Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley. “I expect the gap to widen more. Orange County is changing and residents are aligning more with the issues that working families care most about, including a living wage, women’s equality, quality affordable health care and housing, clean and safe communities, preservation of our environment, open space and coastline, and schools modernized and sufficiently funded to allow children to reach their full potential.”

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