We are Costa Mesa’s chartered nonprofit club of the Democratic Party of Orange County working to organize and elect Democrats at every level of government. Consider amplifying your voice and joining our club as a member to support our local organizing efforts. You are invited attend our monthly events and stay connected with newsletter updates.

With the swearing in of a 6-1 supermajority in the first week of December, 2020, Democrats have once again made strides in our city thanks to the tireless leadership of Mayor Katrina Foley and Team Costa Mesa. We extend our congratulations to new City Council Members Loren Gameros and Jeffrey Harlan. This election broke records for voter turnout and seated the first-ever Latinx City Council majority in Costa Mesa’s history. 

Read more in this analysis by the LA Times’ Daily Pilot about the strong showing of Democratic voters in Costa Mesa during the 2020 election cycle.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2019 — The Costa Mesa Democratic Club announced that for the first time in Costa Mesa’s 60-year history, Democrats now have more registered voters than any other party affiliation, ending the historical Republican advantage in our city. The shift in voter registrations reflects the 2018 midterm election results in which Costa Mesa voters rallied behind Democratic candidates in large margins. Costa Mesa played a major role in electing Representative Harley Rouda in Congressional District 48 and Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris in Assembly District 74 by 5.4%.

The registration advantage also follows the electoral strides of Costa Mesa’s successful Mayor and City Council Members, who similarly built broad margins of victory in each district up for election last year. Mayor Katrina Foley, a Democrat who endorsed Rouda and Petrie-Norris, won by 19% to unseat the incumbent mayor even with Costa Mesa’s Republican registration advantage in 2018. 

“We are excited to see the results of strong Democratic leadership and messaging in Costa Mesa, where voters rejected political fear mongering and dark-money attack ads in favor of candidates who spoke directly to the communities they represent,” said Brandon Love, Costa Mesa Democratic Club Chair for 2018-2019. “The Costa Mesa Democratic club welcomes people from all backgrounds who are also seeking to revitalize and strengthen our democracy. We are excited to have a city council and elected representatives who are accessible and transparent.”

“With so many passionate grassroots volunteers engaged and our local Democratic club actively involved in registering new voters, the new Democratic edge in our community was only a matter of time,” added Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley. “I expect the gap to widen more. Orange County is changing and residents are aligning more with the issues that working families care most about, including a living wage, women’s equality, quality affordable health care and housing, clean and safe communities, preservation of our environment, open space and coastline, and schools modernized and sufficiently funded to allow children to reach their full potential.”

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